Best Pokie Machines

There are many thousands of online pokies machines to be found on the internet at any one time or another. The difficulty occurs when one is attempting to find or gather together enough information to be able to determine what the best pokie machines to play on the internet are. There are thousands of titles, most of them have exciting or exotic sounding names but do not always allude to their nature, whether or not they happen to be progressive or non progressive or a variation on these typical jackpots.

You will find that most people who play pokies, online or otherwise, will all more or less say that their favorite type of pokie machine, the best pokie machines are progressive or multi jackpot types. Another interesting factor to consider is the level of play required, in other words, do you want to play simply for fun? If its just as a pastime for entertainment then there is a massive variety that you can choose from. For serious playing however software usually needs to be downloaded after registering with the relevant casino.

The Best Pokie Machines to Play

Obviously the best pokie machines to play are the ones that will guarantee the highest return percentage to the player that is possible. So, that would be anything above eighty five to ninety percent. Usually on most pokie machines there will be an information button that will provide the player with this important information.

As a matter of interest Las Vegas slots generally have the highest payout or return percentages closely followed by Australian pokies. Another factor or feature to look out for is the type of machine and the nature of its paylines. So, in other words, multi pay machines that offer much higher reel combinations to win than conventional ‘single line payout’ machines.

Along with these types of multiple lines and combinations are progressive jackpots. Here the jackpot is constantly increasing all the time with every single play made on that particular machine, every single player is steadily making a contribution to that machines jackpot in the hopes of winning it themselves. This is really fantastic because sooner or later the right combination will release that entire progressive jackpot.