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Best Pokie Jackpots

Poke or pokies are slots casino games much like the ones found in Las Vegas, the big difference is that pokies are a totally Australian phenomenon and most definitely a big part of Australian lifestyle and culture. Even the name ‘pokies’ is uniquely Australian.

The name is a colloquialism that stems from the name the very first gambling machines were given in the early part of their history. The very first gambling machines sported three wheels with different pictures of playing cards on them, so they were called poker machines for this fact, local punters soon abbreviated the name to pokies or simply pokes.

Online Poke Jackpots

Pokies became available as an online game sometime during the nineteen nineties. Its popularity at your average australian online casino has sky rocketed over the last decade and a half to become the leading form of online gaming for adults. There are literally thousands of online pokies to choose from to play.

One can play just for fun, as an amusement to pass the time, or like most prefer to do, pokies is the most fun and rewarding when it is played for real money. There are many exciting and vibrant and colorful online poke games to choose from. There are exciting and exotic names such as Mega Moolah, Treasure Nile and possibly one of the most popular to date, Major Millions.

Types of Poke Jackpots

There are basically three different types of pokie jackpots that are available; non-progressive jackpots where a person bets on winning a standing jackpot or percentage based on the outcome of a spin. The next type is far more exciting, progressive jackpots. Here a person can make their usual bet but in addition can also place an extra bet to win a jackpot that is constantly increasing due to other players contributing to the overall jackpot.

Another type of jackpot is called a multi jackpot here a player can win prizes other than the normal or progressive, the chance to win in this case is determined by a random number generator. Earlier in this article I mentioned a few examples of different types of online pokies that are available to play, another great poke to play and possibly one of the best poke jackpots available is known as Major Millions and features five reels and fifteen paylines.